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Welcome, legal eagles and aficionados, to Quotable Courts - the home of the wittiest, funniest, and most insightful quotes from judicial opinions. We're talking about quotes that will make you pause, laugh out loud, or raise your eyebrows in surprise. Think of us as your weekly dose of legal humor and inspiration!

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Being a legal professional can be intense, but we believe everyone deserves a break - even the most diligent lawyers and judges. That's why we've scoured the depths of legal opinions to bring you the most entertaining and fascinating quotes.

And we don't just stop at providing you with amusing quotes. We're committed to providing accurate and verified sources for every quote - no fake news here, folks - just the real deal.

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But hold on tight because we're not yet done. We're excited to announce that we're working on a new resources page that will be your ultimate destination for state-by-state general practice resources for busy legal professionals.

Quotable Courts

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